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Pentel Finito Pen
$2.50 each

Uniball White Signo
$4.00 each

Sketch Seattle M. Graham 20 Color Watercolor Palettes

Loaded M. Graham Watercolor Palettes
Ready to go for your workshop: $15 each
These Pro-Art Palettes are a great small size but also allow for great color mixing and watercolor painting on the go. Colors are made in Oregon by M. Graham Paint and are used by both Ron Stocke & Derek Gundy. These palettes are $15 each loaded with these colors. Please purchase at least 48 hours before your workshop and one will be delivered to you....filled with paint and ready to go.

Colors are: Azo Yellow, Indian Yellow, Azo Orange, Permanent Green Pale, Sap Green, Phthalo Green, Turquoise, Yellow Ochre, Burnt Sienna, Raw Umber, Permanent Alizarin Crimson, Napthol Red, Cerulean Blue, Cobalt Blue, Phthalo Blue, Ultramarine Blue, Ivory Black, Payne's Gray, Raw Sienna. Labeled for your reference.
Palette size is
8.5" x 8.5" (4.25" x 8.5"closed)

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Sketch Seattle Palette Cup
Clips onto your Sketch Seattle Board, holds small amount of water.
$2.50 each

Sketch Seattle Board 12"x15"
Includes velcro strip to attach your w/c palette.
Room for attaching palette cup and supporting your 9x9 or 9x12 sketchbook.

$15.00 each

Pentalic Dreamcatcher Accordion Watercolor Sketchbook
4x6 inch accordion sketchbook.
Great size for travel and for documenting a special trip.

$12.00 each

Sketch Seattle Sketchbook Clip
Keeps pages from blowing in wind or holds other items to your Sketchboard.
Room for attaching palette cup and supporting your 9x9 or 9x12 sketchbook.

$1.00 each.

Sketch Seattle Tote Bags are in stock!

15" x 14" with 4" expansion, these bags are an ideal size for carrying your sketchbook and gear.
Side pocket is great for keeping water media separate.

Sketch Seattle Tote Bag
$16 shipped anywhere in the U.S.
$10 local pickup at class

Limited number of Ron Stocke signed Watercolor Artist Mags

Watercolor Artist June 2015 Issue, Signed by cover artist Ron Stocke
We have a limited number of these signed magazines

Ron Stocke Signed Watercolor Artist Magazine June 2015
$12 shipped anywhere in the U.S.
$7 local pickup at class